The Darwen Transport Museum Trust

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Mission Statement

1 The Trust is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and maintenance in working order of vehicles of the former Darwen Corporation Transport and of other neighbouring public transport undertakings and to stimulate public interest in this heritage.
2 It aims to provide a forum for mutual support and benefit of those actively involved in realising these aims, whether by means of their privately owned vehicles or of those owned by the Trust.
3 It seeks to hone and perpetuate the specialised driving skills necessary for such vehicles.
4 It seeks to provide secure covered accommodation for both its own vehicles and those of its members.
5 It endeavours to take part in the wider preservation movement, by participation in and support of rallies of preserved vehicles, museums, and other organisations with similar objectives.
6 It encourages research into the local history of public transport and to cooperate with other local history groups in matters of common interest.
7 As a means of ensuring its viability and also of maintaining a public profile, it makes its vehicles available for active service, especially for educational and charitable work.
8 Its long-term aspiration is to establish a museum for the exhibition of its working exhibits and associated objects of interest.

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