What does the Society do?

Current activities

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Why Preservation?

The North East of England has a rich and varied industrial heritage. Public transport is part of that heritage and has affected everyday life in this northern region.

The preservation of selected local vintage buses is an opportunity to bring the public at large the transport of yesteryear - an opportunity to ride, to touch, smell and to see that which has now left the modern day scene. The Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society is committed to the concept of preserving part of that heritage and your interest and support are very much appreciated. Without your help, opportunities to preserve would be gone forever, leaving the north-east further down the list in preservation.

The Society

The Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society was established in 1980 and was registered as a charity in September 1982. The Society is a member of the Museums, Libaries and Archives Council (North East) which acts as the regional co-ordinator of the work of both public and private collections. The Society is fully registered resource as a small museum. The Society is also a member of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society.

Skills and Activities

As an educational trust, the Society's constitution provides for a range of activities from the restoration of its vehicles to teaching skills to members, attendance at public functions, vehicle rallies and gatherings, and sale of die-cast models. All these activities help to maintain an interesting and rewarding recreational facility designed to put into use all the abilities of the Society's active membership.


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